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If  you've read the screenplay, the lyrics for most of the songs are included...but not the music, of course. While there is not a one-to-one correspondence between the screenplay and the music below, these tracks will give you a sense of the music created years ago for the story. As much as we like these tracks, we are not committed to using them, and may commission the artist who may star in Tiger's Hope (should she be a singer/songwriter in her own right) to write new music.


But I will always honor Janet Pound, James Stonehouse, and David Crawford for their wonderful contributions to this vision of the story. Except as noted lyrics are copyrighted Janet Pound 2010, 2016, and music copyrighted James Stonehouse 2010, 2016.  Most of the tunes were originally created for Janet's Stage Music honoring the Automobile Industry CAR STARS. But IMHO they were really written for Tiger....Janet just didn't know it at the time. Vocalists are Angela Maiz, and Al Jacquez recorded by Terry Herald in his Independence Day Studio. David Crawford's track is from his album Double Dog Dare, published by SWC Films and Nineveh's Crossing, also recorded by Terry Herald.


The Music of Tiger's Hope

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1. Believe in a Dream (4:53)

The song that begins the movie as we first discover Tiger volunteering to feed abandoned babies at the Infant Home...then as she makes her way to her dinner club, The Tiger's Den, ...and finally she finishes the song singing live with her band on stage before her adoring patrons.

2. Momma's In the Kitchen (2:14)

The song that Tiger sings to her patrons at the club between her decision to try to get pregnant with IVF and the beginning of the long process of injecting herself with medications.

3. Walkin' Daddy Blues (3:14)

David Crawford performs from his album Double Dog Dare, as Tiger and Jake look for someone to replace Tiger at the club during her pregnancy.

4. In My Dreams (3:18)

David Crawford performs from his album Double Dog Dare, during Tiger's pregnancy montage and just before the phone call that will change her life forever.

5. Coming Up Empty (2:33)

After Jake's encounter with Dr. Lamar, and Tiger's failed role as peacemaker, Jake takes his bride to the First Time Salon, where they first performed together. There Tiger is persuaded to sing for her supper.

6. It's My Baby

This rockabilly tune has not been recorded. (lyrics by Stan Williams. Music by James Stonehouse.)

7. These Muckin' Boots

This boogie-woogie tune has not been recorded. (lyrics and music by Stan Williams.)


8. Always Believe (slow duet) (1:47)

As Tiger and Jake go through their dark night of the soul, and contemplate the moral dilemma facing them, we hear this song in the background during a montage. This is a duet reprise of the opening song, Believe in a Dream.

9. Always Believe (Jazz duet) (2:11)

The finale of the movie, with Jake and Tiger singing together on stage as they did years ago. This is a jazzed up happy version of the lament with which the movie began.

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