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The Sex Therapist's Son Story Fundamentals

GENRE: Coming of Age Teen Comedy


ERA / Setting: Modern / Town


TARGET AUDIENCE: Male-Female (14-50)




HOOK: The candy jar on this Dad's desk is filled with colorful condoms.


LOG LINE: A teenage boy battles his philandering father's advice to avoid friendship and just get laid.


TAG LINE: The Intimacy of Friendship


CONFLICT OF VALUES: Friendship vs. Sex


MORAL PREMISE STATEMENT: Pursuit of lust leads to dysfunction; but pursuit of chastity leads to friendship.


STATUS: Screenplay.


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Salvador Rodamar, the 16 year-old son of famous psychologist and sex therapist, Dr. Richard Rodamar has a problem.

    Expelled from third grade for asking his teacher if the rabbit she held had a vagina or a penis, and later from a boarding school for a dubious sex scandal that threw the institution into bankruptcy, Sal is now under pressure from his father to find a girlfriend and not waste his youth, or especially a good erection.

    But exposure to his Dad's clients has convinced Sal that an intimate relationship with the opposite sex is a painful rite of passage and something to be avoided as long as possible.

    Yet pressure mounts and Sal finally succumbs to the challenge of finding a girlfriend. But the task isn't all that easy. There is Jezzie, an experienced older girl who seems more than willing. But Sal has never taken the easy path, and instead, settles on the suspicious Rose who's convinced that Sal is the spitting image of his philandering father.

    Things get a bit out-of-hand for the knowledgeable but inexperienced Sal; and it's not until he discovers the meaning of true friendship and shares a long held secret, that he is able to close a chapter on his youth and land his first real girlfriend.


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