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MAKIN ' BREAD Story Fundamentals

Makin' Bread

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GENRE: Family Comedy


ERA / Setting: Modern / Small Town


TARGET AUDIENCE: Male-Female (14-80)




HOOK: A petty thief is electronically tethered to his estranged wife's house to babysit their children.


LOG LINE: A petty thief, electronically tethered to his estranged wife's house, cooks up an unlikely scheme to jail the real crooks and reunite his family.


TAG LINE: Following the recipe has its rewards


CONFLICT OF VALUES: Ignoring Rules vs. Following  Rules


MORAL PREMISE STATEMENT: Ignoring the directions leads to imprisonment and separation; but following the directions leads to freedom and family


STATUS: Screenplay.


Other Screenplays

Lester a 40-year old bungling, yet clever, thief who attempts to redeem his past after release from prison and being reunited with his wife and two young children. With the mortgage in arrears, he must find a job and supplement his wife’s earnings to avoid foreclosure on their home. Motivated to collect an old debt from his thievery friends, he's persuaded by them to run an "errand" for them. In the process he’s arrested again for violating curfew, and ends up restricted to his wife's house via an electronic tether outfitted with a GPS locater. His job while at home? To keep the house clean and the kids fed while his wife works.

   But with debts pilling up, he and the kids come up with a home-based bread baking business. In no time, as a team, they're racking up sales. It's then that the head of his former gang decides that Lester’s bread making operation is perfect to fence hot jewels to Europe. Intent on going straight, our hero tries to get out of the risky venture, but his hand is forced, and he capitulates.

   With the help of his young son’s proclivity for technology, our hero comes up with an elaborate and risky scheme to save his house, his marriage, and put the crooks behind bars. But his plans require that he trick the real crooks (who are literally under his nose), fool the police (who are tracking his every move by his GPS tether), and most improbably gain the trust of his wife who is tempted to jump ship and take up with her boss. It seems impossible, especially for our clever but often bumbling hero. In the end, MAKIN’ BREAD is about determination and how, when all else fails, it pays to follow the recipe.


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