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If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it fall, did it make a sound? That old philosophical question applies to media distribution. If you make a great movie or television program, and no one comes to see it, was it worth the effort and money, in the first place, to make it?


It is paramount that during development you have a good, reliable plan how to get your project the millions.


Today, producers do not need the time and expense required by major distributors. Today  producers can deal directly with theaters, and release directly to the consumer via home cable, mobile Internet platforms, and DVDs. They thus control 100% of their revenue stream and eliminate the dreaded "Hollywood Accounting" made infamous by the major studios.


In our case, many of our projects found ready markets with television and cable networks anxious for products like ours. With one trip to a programs buyers market, we were able to sell a package of 30  programs to no less than five Christian networks. They aired our programs for years after. In one case the network worked with me to ensure that I produced what they badly wanted. When I delivered it they played the program series in prime time three times a week, every week for over a year. In all these situations our distribution company was paid no money and I paid the networks none. But at the end of every show we positioned a one-minute commercial that sent thousands of customers to our website to buy the DVDs, CDs, and book.


And we planned all that during development. Most of the networks we partnered with are tagged below.

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