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SWC Films' mission is to create a robust, for-profit, asset-driven business that will develop, produce, and license commercially viable, mainstream motion picture entertainment and related products. The products SWC Films will develop and help produce will leverage the two most reliable and dependable predictors of box office success:

• Classically structured stories imbued with true moral premises,  (e.g. authentic Judeo-Christian values and themes); and

• Titles written, directed and acted by professionally credited filmmakers.



The first phase of our vision will be achieved when:

• The Titles we license and release generate gross domestic box office revenues 3X their production budget, exclusive of foreign, DVD and other distribution channels revenue

• The films we produce finish their theatrical window release in the top 100 in box office receipts; and

• Our financial partners are receiving a consistent and a good return on their investment.



This plan has eight distinctives:

1. We will search out and select strong, morally valid stories with true moral premises that are imbued into all aspects of the story. Research proves that properly structured films based on such story parameters consistently generate the greatest revenue.

2. Over the first two years we will develop multiple packages, providing a slate of ready-to go Titles designed to meet distribution and market trends.

3. Each package will be rolled out under its own business entity (the production company) with it's own investors, and unique marketing and distribution plan best suited for that Title.

3. During pre-development and development for each picture, we will work closely with potential distributors to secure strong, worldwide marketability of picture elements, including the selection of director and principal cast. Our goal will be to maximize each picture’s brand identity during its domestic release.

4. During development a marketable director will be attached to the picture and become part of the development team. The director will assist the producer in casting the picture.

5. We will maintain control of our Titles by pre-selling foreign distribution and arranging for domestic acquisitions. We will avoid studio production-financing & distribution deals that significantly reduce our control.

6. We will not begin principal photography unless the production budget, including loan interest and completion guarantor insurance fees, is fully funded.

7. We will contribute to the management of each film’s marketing and distribution plan to ensure general public and niche demand through grassroots promotion prior to release, as well as in the later distribution windows.

8. Our principal revenue will come from production licensing and fees, paid by the producing company, and by later licensing of the picture in ancillary distribution windows.



Read the Business Plan Financial Brief HERE.


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